Right Angle Prism

Right Angle Prism - 22 mm

Right Angle Prism - 22 mm
  • Right Angle Prism - 22 mm
  • Right Angle Prism - 22 mm

Approx. Rs 750 / each

Right angle prism is a most commonly used prism. It has two 45° and one 90° angles. The normal use for a right angle prism is to turn light through 90° by reflection from the hypotenuse. These are also called Porro prisms for specific applications.


MaterialBK7 Grade A optical glass/Fused SilicaDimension Tolerance+0.0, -0.20mmClear Aperture>90%Surface FigureN4 @ 632.8 nmSurface Quality60-40 scratch and digBevel<0.25mm× 45°

A=B=C(mm)10 Sec. Deviation1 min. Deviation3 min. Deviation10 Sec. Deviation1 min. Deviation3 min. DeviationPart NoPart No.Part No.Part No.Part No.Part No.5RAP-05-10S-BK7RAP-05-1M-BK7RAP-05-3M-BK7RAP-05-10S-FSRAP-05-1M-FSRAP-05-3M-FS10RAP-10-10S-BK7RAP-10-1M-BK7RAP-10-3M-BK7RAP-10-10S-FSRAP-10-1M-FSRAP-10-3M-FS18RAP-18-10S-BK7RAP-18-1M-BK7RAP-18-3M-BK7RAP-18-10S-FSRAP-18-1M-FSRAP-18-3M-FS20RAP-20-10S-BK7RAP-20-1M-BK7RAP-20-3M-BK7RAP-20-10S-FSRAP-20-1M-FSRAP-20-3M-FS25RAP-25-10S-BK7RAP-25-1M-BK7RAP-25-3M-BK7RAP-25-10S-FSRAP-25-1M-FSRAP-25-3M-FS

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