Alignment Telescope

Alignment Telescope

Alignment Telescope
  • Alignment Telescope
  • Alignment Telescope

Approx. Rs 10 Lakh / Unit(s)


Linear Resolution: 20 µm
Readout: Dual Axis Micrometer
Linear Measuring Range: +/- 1.2 mm
Linear Measuring Accuracy: ±0.020 mm +2% displacement
Line of Sight Error: <10 µm over 3m, < 100 µm over 30m
Concentricity of Mechanical axis to Optical Axis: < 10 µm
Parallelism of Optical Axis and Barrel: < 5 Secs
Image: Erect
Magnification: 43X
Accuracy of Focus Scale: 10%
Clear Aperture: 25 mm
Barrel Diameter: 57.145 -0.010, +0 mm
Barrel Length: 350 mm
Overall Length: 530 mm
Focus Range: 0 mm to Infinity
Weight: Approx 6 Kgs

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Autocollimator/Alignment Telescope Pedestal Stand

Pedestal Stand with height adjustment for mounting Precision Horizontal Stand with two axis tilts. Roller wheels are provided to move around in the shop floor.

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