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Our Journey

We embarked our glorious journey in the year 1991 with the manufacturing of optics to meet the demands of several industries. Since then, we have reached several benchmarks in our ambit of operations and emerge victorious while overcoming the challenges of the competitive industry.

Some of the milestones that we have accomplished over the years are cited below:

Year Milestones
1991 Optics manufacturing division established
1994 Developed Laser Fizeau Interferometer
1996 Established Optical Contacting technique for the production of Prisms
2002 Manufacture Autocollimator for use in educational institution
2003 Manufacture Autocollimator to be used in machine tool industry
2004 Manufacture Monochromatic Light Source
2005 Manufacture michelson interferometer for educational institution
2005 Introduced double-side polishing machine for achieving < 2 secs parallelism
2006 Developed design of Interference Autocollimator & displayed at Hannover Fair Incorporated Software evaluation to certify Flatness of Optical Flats Developed method using Autocollimator for Inspection of Optical Parallel
2007 Developed new design of Alignment Autocollimator Participated in MTA Exhibition in Singapore

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